Mother having first skin on skin contact minutes after giving birth

Commonly asked questions

Why Birth Photography?

I never realised how much I desperately wanted a birth photographer until a few weeks after the birth of my first child. It was a long, difficult labour. I was eventually given all the drugs known to man and after my epidural needle fell out I went in for an emergency C-section. My husband was told to take a few pictures on his phone in the operating room and that was that. I absolutely TREASURE those pictures because there’s no way you can possibly take in everything that’s just happened in the state you’re in. You’re focused on your new little human and that’s how it should be.

When I’m present for your birth, I work quietly, discreetly and unobtrusively. I document the raw emotion not just from you, but your birthing partner too. They should be completely present in the moment supporting you and helping welcome your child into the world. Not worrying about taking pictures on an iPhone!

This is one of the biggest accomplishments of your life and I wholeheartedly believe that it should be honoured and remembered in the best way possible. This is an investment and these images are forever.

Why does Birth Photography cost what it does?

From 38 - 42 weeks, my bags are packed, cameras are charged and my army of family and carers are on standby to look after my children. For the entire month that I’m on call for you 24 hours a day, I don’t go anywhere more than an hour away from home, I don’t drink, I risk missing important family milestones and events. And that’s totally fine, because this is my absolute dream job. Getting a call at 3am saying that it’s go time is the best rush.

My time with you could be a couple of hours or it could be all day and night. That’s just the nature of the job. It’s intense, it’s hectic and it’s absolutely beautiful. That’s why it’s worth every dollar you choose to spend on it.

Won’t it be awkward having a stranger in the delivery room?

By the time you’re ready to have this baby, we certainly won’t be strangers! We will have an in person meeting to get to know each other and discuss all of our expectations. From there we’ll keep in regular contact following doctors’ appointments and regular check-ins.

What exactly will you be taking pictures of?

In our initial meeting we’ll discuss what you would like me to photograph. Usually, if I’m given the go ahead to shoot everything as I choose, I like to move around the delivery room and get as many different perspectives of the birth story as I can. You’ll decide where you’d prefer me to be once baby is making their entrance. I’ll do my best to capture everything and manage to keep out of the medical staff’s way. It’s important that your birth partner and caregiver are aware that I’ll be present in the room ahead of time and are comfortable with this.

What will happen if I have a caesarean?

If you’ve booked an elective caesarean and your obstetrician gives consent in advance, I will absolutely be there to document your birth. I’m also insured for the 20 million dollars in Public Liability insurance that most hospitals require.

If your labour doesn’t quite go to plan and you require an emergency caesarean, I’ll do everything I can to make it into the room, however there’s usually a limit of one person that can go with you. Should this happen and I’m unable to photograph the birth, I’ll still be on standby in the waiting room once you and baby get to spend your first moments together.

What if you miss the birth?

Absolutely everything will be done in my power to ensure this doesn’t happen. But labour is unpredictable and there is a possibility that I won’t make it.

I have a backup photographer who will take my place if I’m not physically able to get there in time. This would be a rare scenario and is the reason I only take on 2 birth clients a month.

If I don’t make the labour because I wasn’t contacted in time, I am not liable for this and your deposit won’t be refunded. If your birth is missed due to reasons out of my control (e.g. exceptionally fast labour within an hour of contacting me) I will still be in attendance for all the glorious moments after and a complimentary fresh 48 session will be offered.

It’s imperative that you contact me as soon as you go into labour. I don’t care if it’s the middle of the night, I’d rather be well informed and prepared to come to you. We only get one shot at this!

Are you vaccinated?


I’m up to date with TDAP (whooping cough) and yearly influenza immunisations.

Will you use flash? Won’t that be distracting?

It’s my job as a photographer to take the best quality images that I can. Usually that will mean creating my own light in a generally dark hospital room. When I arrive I’ll fire a few test shots and you can let me know at any point if it’s distracting to you. If it is, that’s totally fine and I’ll do my best to work with the conditions, but your images may have a slight grain.

Do you offer payment plans?

Sure do! We can discuss this during our initial meeting.