I'm a Mother.

I'm a Photographer.

I'm a Storyteller.

Photo of Katie after giving birth to her second child by VBAC, having taken control of her birth experience

I've sat in the mud on the sidelines of football grounds, worked rooms with models and athletes, been pushed around on the rails of concerts; for the last decade I've been taking pictures of absolutely everything and nothing makes me feel more alive.

I'm totally fascinated by the honest human reaction. The good, the bad, all of it. I look for it in life and I look for it in my work.

After I'd experienced birth - the first time an emergency c-section, the second an unbelievable VBAC, that was when I realised I'd found something I was truly passionate about. There is nothing that rivals the physical and emotional ROLLER COASTER that is birth. I am in awe every single time I get the privilege to capture the biggest day of someone's life.

I'm an advocate for gentle birth, for VBAC, for feeling empowered, for being educated and for knowing that this is YOUR birth experience and you actually have a say in how you would like it to happen. And while you're busy focusing on bringing that beautiful baby into the world, I'm going to be there documenting it, in the most respectful, unobtrusive way.. making sure you have an unbelievable story to tell, and the pictures to go with it.

Photo of Katie in Melbourne